Wednesday, March 19, 2014


'My Detroit heroes..The MC5 had it all in music, attitude, swagger and style' Photo: Raeanne Rubenstein. By John Varvatos

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pollymagoo said...

I just want to tell you a personnal memory.
A long time ago i was back to my parents place for a short time with my records and a good stereo.
Some of my parents friends were there with their two kids one boy and one girl.
The boy (11 or 10) learnt that i was a guitar player, playing in bands etc...
The kid told me he wanted to learn drums.

I just played him "skunk" on my stereo immediatly, from your record, vinyl "High times".

I saw his jaws dropping, litterally.

It's still a memory for me , more than 10 years away from this moment. the way he was listening and watching the record !

I played of course other stuff, but i remember the kid checking the MC5 records before he left.

Your music is alive for ever

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