How Many Seeds Did I Actually Swallow?

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33 weeks today… And GROWING!

The past few days this little dude inside me has been breaking dancing, karate chopping, headbutting, you name it, my insides. I walk anywhere and he seems to try his hardest to push his head out and say hello. Hopefully he will be this helpful when labor time does come!!! :)))

Tomorrow we will be given the opportunity to see him again at the hospital that is rated “Baby Friendly”! While it’s not seeing him in person yet, that time will come soon, it’ll be great to have a looksy at him! 🙂 The first visit there seriously reminded me of an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, residents, friendly manners and so on. I did feel a lot better there than any of the other 2 hospitals I have been to!

Sleep has become a battle with the belly and little man inside. One wrong move and he let’s me know I need to get back to the comfy spot he was in even if it feels like my back is twisted into odd positions. Pillows are not as anodyne as they once were, and flipping the bed has brought me some comfort but seems to only hurt the hubby now. It has officially reached that uncomfortable stage of the pregnancy…. Yet I catch myself holding my belly, petting my belly, and yes, even poking at my belly to feel him show off his moves. Every time I poke and prod at him the hubby scolds me telling me to leave the kid alone… LOL.Not to worry though, he pays me back 10 fold ALL-DAY-LONG. 😉


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